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It thinks so you don't have to. Use AstroAI to elevate your content creation.

AstroAI Content Automation

For only $20/month, you have full access to our new content automation bot. It's trained to be the ideal solution for anything from long-form articles to twitter threads. At AdvisorFinder, we are intimately aware of the compliance and regulatory concerns. Our AI-powered chatbot is also trained to understand the rules and regulations. Please use your discretion when relying on artificial intelligence for your own content.

Plans & pricing

Subscribe for full access to our content automation chatbot. We are also offering an exclusive deal for $799 which secures your 1 year of access and an SEO audit.

Content Automation
+ Website Audit

1 year of access to the content chatbot + our team conducts a thorough SEO website audit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about how the content automation chatbot works. We want you to feel confident in making a decision to use our product as part of your content marketing strategy. AdvisorFinder makes AI accessible.

What is the AstroAI Content Automation Chatbot and why is it the best?

AstroAI Content Automation is an advanced, AI-powered solution tailored to meet the dynamic content needs of financial advisors and wealth management firms. Unlike traditional content tools, AstroAI leverages cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to understand your specific requirements, tone, and style. Here's why AstroAI stands out:

Personalized Content: AstroAI adapts to your brand's voice, creating content that resonates with your audience.

Time Efficiency: Say goodbye to hours of writing. AstroAI generates high-quality content in a fraction of the time.

Versatility: From blog posts to tweets, AstroAI has a wide array of applications.

Cost-Effective: Achieve professional writing standards without hiring a full-time writer.

User-Friendly: With an intuitive interface, AstroAI is designed for both tech-savvy users and beginners.

Continuous Learning: AstroAI learns from your feedback, evolving to serve you better.

What are some use cases for the AstroAI Content Automation Chatbot?

AstroAI Content Automation Chatbot is designed to be a versatile tool, ideal for various content needs. Some prominent use cases include:

Twitter Threads
: Craft engaging and insightful Twitter threads that resonate with your followers.

Long-Form Blog Posts: Write in-depth and informative blog posts that position you as an industry thought leader. The AI is trained to be an expert SEO copywriter.

Email Newsletters: Keep your clients informed with personalized and compelling email newsletters.

LinkedIn Posts: Enhance your professional network with tailored content for LinkedIn, reflecting your expertise and services.

Marketing Campaigns: Streamline your content creation for various marketing channels, ensuring consistency and quality.

How do you use the AstroAI Content Automation Chatbot?

In order to get access to the AstroAI Content Automation Chatbot, you must purchase a subscription here. Once you have a subscription, you will be provided with a unique URL where you can access the chatbot. Simply tell the chatbot what kind of content you are looking to write, specify a topic and begin creating! Include as much detail as you feel necessary, whether it's on the keywords, tone, writing style or any other specific instructions.

Can the AdvisorFinder team help teach me how to use the chatbot?

Yes, absolutely. We offer workshop sessions where one of our AstroAI team members will help you over a Zoom call. We want you to get the most out of your investment in this product!