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Our team is passionate about helping people find a financial advisor. We started building the AdvisorFinder marketplace in June 2022.

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Our Values

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Integrity and honesty are at our core.

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We lead with purpose.

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Take care of your community.

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We remain resilient.

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We always put the consumer first.

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The only constant is change.

Note from Our Founders

We started AdvisorFinder in June 2022 with the goal of making financial advice more accessible. We help people understand what financial advisors do, how much they cost, and more, which gives you more confidence in choosing the right advisor for you.

During his career as a financial advisor, Jason Friedman, our CEO recognized that people were struggling to choose a financial advisor. It's an important decision and a dauting process. Many people are looking online to research options, but had no luck. Many individuals gave up after thinking it's too expensive to work with a financial advisor, while others gave in to a single recommendation they received from a friend. These problems inspired Jason to put together a world-class team of innovators and disruptors to build AdvisorFinder. In today’s high tech world and with the wealth transfer unfolding, AdvisorFinder is on the forefront of connecting individuals and families to the ever changing world of wealth management over the next few decades. AdvisorFinder will always be free for people searching for advisors.

Read more about the early days of AdvisorFinder here

Meet our team

Our team is passionate about helping people find a financial advisor. We started building the AdvisorFinder marketplace in June 2022.
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Jason Friedman

CEO & Co-founder
Former financial advisor with Merrill Lynch Private Wealth and Wells Fargo Advisors.
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Drew Keever

Former Data Analyst at a credit union. Joined AdvisorFinder in September 2022.
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Lana Steiner
Product Manager
Former PM for Linear, Lambda School, and On Deck.
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Demi Wilkinson
Frontend Developer
Former frontend dev for Linear, Coinbase, and Postscript.
In the News
"AdvisorFinder platform aims to put prospective clients in the driver’s seat"
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Jeff Benjamin, Senior Columnist
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