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How does it work?

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Provide your name, email and CRD. Then, our team verifies the identity of each advisor, while also reviewing the SEC profile and BrokerCheck background.
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Create Your Profile

Customize how you appear to prospects. Your profile includes a picture, bio, years of experience, services provided, typical clientele, your pricing and more! 
AdvisorFinder is building a marketplace of financial advisors

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Welcome to AdvisorFinder. Think of your profile as a digital flyer; it's publicly discoverable on our marketplace to thousands of users across the US.
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Frequently Asked Questions

AdvisorFinder is designed to be compliant with applicable marketing rules. We work with advisors and planners from across the industry.

Is this just another lead gen?

No, and it's not a matchmaking service either. We are building the best possible user experience to help people discover, compare and connect with financial advisors. The AdvisorFinder marketplace is free to use for anyone searching for an advisor or planner.

Our marketplace does not hide advisors behind a lengthy investment quiz, or a pay-wall. Each profile is publicly discoverable. Our goal is to increase the accessibility to financial advisors and make it easier for people to find an advisor. Many people don't know what advisors actually do, or how much they cost. Your profile on AdvisorFinder answers these questions.

Check it out for yourself! 
Browse the AdvisorFinder marketplace here

Do I pay any other fees?

No, AdvisorFinder charges a subscription fee. Most advisors prefer to pay annually. We do not take a split of your revenue for acquiring a client through the AdvisorFinder marketplace. We anticipate the subscription fee will increase over the next several years. 

When do I pay? How do I pay?

Once you apply to join, AdvisorFinder sends a payment link to your email address. Our payment processing is through Stripe. For large teams, we have custom onboarding & payment.

Does every advisor get accepted?

No -- Each advisor is responsible for ensuring their profile is compliant.  

What is AdvisorFinder?

AdvisorFinder is an online marketplace where people can search for financial advisors based on their specific wants and needs. On AdvisorFinder, each advisor has their own unique profile that is publicly discoverable.

From experience as a financial advisor, we saw the significant challenges when it came to people finding advisors. Our team recognized the online prospecting solutions for advisors not only resulted in a hefty expenses and hundreds of hours spent on different strategies, but they left the people looking for help feeling more confused than when they started. The opportunity to build a better tech-enabled experience for advisors to find more clients, as well as enhance their online presence, while giving people the easiest way to find or research advisors presented itself.

Today, the wealth management industry is being impacted by technology and changing consumer behaviors. The nuanced approach we are taking with AdvisorFinder is seen with our focus on design and user experience. This is highly intentional as we need to take careful consideration to the emotions and finances of advisors and prospects. The result is AdvisorFinder: an online marketplace where people can search for financial advisors based on their specific wants and needs. Our goal is to help people feel more confident about choosing a financial advisor.

Read about our founder story here: Early Days Of AdvisorFinder with our CEO, Jason Friedman.

AdvisorFinder is being developed by a team based in Virginia Beach, VA. Meet our team.

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