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In this brief guide, we explain how to get the most out of your search on AdvisorFinder, so you can connect with an advisor you actually want to work with.


How AdvisorFinder Works

AdvisorFinder is where people find and connect with financial advisors. On our platform, each advisor has a profile page which displays what services the advisor provides, what the advisor specializes in, who they typically work with, how much it costs to work with them, and other essential information to know when choosing to work with a financial advisor. Think of AdvisorFinder like a search engine, or a directory, with a specific focus on financial advisors.

To narrow down your advisor search, you can use the Search Filters 🔍

This article covers general guidelines on how to use the search filters on AdvisorFinder.

If you are new to AdvisorFinder

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The Primary Search Filter: Your Needs

Find an Advisor based on What You Need Help With

The first thing to consider when finding a financial advisor is what you need help with. Starting with this in mind, you can quickly narrow down what kinds of advisor(s) might be a better fit for you over another. We created a search filter that is specific to the different "Needs" that people have. See the screenshot below for a full list of the 9 different options you can select within this filter category. In case you cannot view the screenshot, we've also included a description of each of the 9 options within this filter category.

🔎 the result of using this filter category is finding advisors who understand YOUR specific needs.

Why is this important? Your specific needs are unique to your current situation and goals. Advisors who understand your needs may offer tailored guidance and strategies directly relevant to your circumstances versus advisors who aren’t as well-versed.

screenshot of the AdvisorFinder user interface

Saving Up For A House

Ideal for individuals or families planning to purchase a home. This filter connects you with advisors who specialize in saving strategies, budgeting for a down payment, and understanding the financial implications of homeownership.

Supporting My Parents

Tailored for those looking to manage or plan for their aging parents' financial needs. Advisors in this category can offer advice on retirement funds, healthcare costs, and estate planning.

Single Parent Finances

Perfect for single parents seeking financial guidance. Advisors found through this filter can help with budgeting, child-related expenses, and planning for long-term educational costs.

Navigating Divorce

For individuals undergoing the financial complexities of a divorce. Advisors here can guide on splitting assets, managing alimony and child support, and restructuring finances post-divorce.

Managing Debt

Aimed at users who need assistance in debt management. Financial advisors in this segment can provide strategies for debt reduction, consolidation options, and credit counseling.

Equity Compensation

Suitable for individuals with stock options, ESPPs, or other equity-based compensation. Advisors can help with understanding tax implications, timing of sales, and investment strategies for equity compensation.

Real Estate Investing

For those interested in property investment as a means of income or wealth growth. Financial advisors with expertise in real estate can assist with market analysis, investment properties, and portfolio diversification.

Education Cost Planning

Designed for families planning for future education expenses. Advisors can help set up education savings accounts, understand the costs of different educational paths, and plan for scholarships and financial aid.

Financial Windfall

For those who have received or anticipate receiving a significant sum of money, like an inheritance or lottery winnings. Advisors can provide advice on managing and investing the windfall, tax planning, and ensuring long-term financial stability.

How to change filters:

  1. Click/Press the purple "Filters" button near the top of your screen.
  2. In the Filters modal, select your desired filter(s) by clicking/pressing them.
  3. Click/Press the "Apply Filters" button in the bottom right of the Filters modal.

Secondary Search Filters


🔎 the result of using this filter category is finding advisors who have experience working with people in YOUR industry.

Why is this important? Different industries have their own nuances and challenges. Advisors experienced in your industry will likely have deeper insights into the specific financial risks, regulations, and opportunities relevant to your career, rather than advisors who don’t know your industry well.

Choosing an advisor with industry-specific experience ensures that the guidance you receive is not just general financial advice, but strategic counsel that considers the intricacies of your professional world. Your profession has a profound impact on your financial planning needs. Each industry comes with its own set of financial nuances, challenges, and opportunities. Whether it's the irregular income patterns in the real estate and legal sectors, the funding and equity considerations in tech startups, or the unique benefits and pension plans in the military and healthcare fields, industry-specific financial knowledge is invaluable.

By searching for a financial advisor by industry type on AdvisorFinder, you can connect with professionals who not only speak the language of your field but who are also adept at navigating its specific financial landscape. These advisors have tailored expertise and can provide targeted advice that's relevant to the economic environment you operate in every day.

For example, a tech entrepreneur will benefit from an advisor who understands equity compensation and stock options, while a healthcare professional may need insight into managing student loan debt or navigating the complex insurance industry. On the other hand, a military service member might look for advice on making the most of their government benefits and preparing for civilian financial management.

It's about getting advice that's as specialized as you are, ensuring your financial strategy is both effective and personalized. This approach not only saves you time but can also lead to better financial outcomes, as your advisor can help you anticipate industry trends and plan accordingly. With AdvisorFinder's industry type search filter, you're taking the first step towards a more informed and tailored financial future.

Life Stage

🔎 the result of using this filter category is finding advisors who work with people in YOUR stage of life.

Why is this important? Financial priorities and challenges evolve throughout life. An advisor who works with people in your life stage will likely better understand your specific concerns and goals versus an advisor who works with different clients.

Our financial needs and priorities evolve as we progress through different life stages. Searching for a financial advisor by life stage is a thoughtful approach to finding tailored guidance that aligns with the specific challenges and opportunities you currently face or are about to encounter. This method ensures that the advice you receive is not only relevant but also anticipatory of the typical financial transitions associated with your current phase of life.

Whether you're just embarking on your career path, nurturing a growing family, or transitioning into retirement, each life stage brings unique financial considerations. Early careerists might focus on debt management and wealth building, while those with young families could prioritize education savings and home ownership. Mid-career professionals often seek to maximize their earnings' potential and prepare for the future, whereas pre-retirees and retirees require strategies for maintaining their lifestyle without a steady income, managing health care costs, and ensuring their legacy.

By selecting a financial advisor through the lens of life stages, you are engaging with professionals who are proficient in addressing your specific life-centric financial needs. They can offer personalized strategies and help you make informed decisions that will lay a strong foundation for financial stability and growth at every point in your life's journey. With such customized advice, you can confidently navigate the financial aspects of life’s milestones, making the most of your resources today while preparing for tomorrow.

Find an Advisor Located in Your State

Our platform is proud to have a network of financial advisors from all across the United States.

If you want to find an advisor located in your state, use the State filter to select your state.

Find an advisor based on location

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Advisor Profiles on AdvisorFinder

Each advisor has a unique profile page that explains what services they provide, who they typically work with, how much they charge for their services, and other essential information.

Not all profiles contain the same level of detail. This is typically due to some advisors not being able to provide certain details/content for compliance reasons.

How to Read an Advisor Profile

When navigating through an AdvisorFinder profile, it's important to review each section to get a comprehensive understanding of an advisor's qualifications, expertise, and the services they offer. Here's a guide to help you read and interpret each segment of an AdvisorFinder profile:

  • Verified Identity: Indicates that the advisor's identity has been confirmed, which adds a layer of trust.
  • Name and Title: Provides the advisor's professional designation and their role.
  • Location: Shows where the advisor is geographically located, which can be important for local regulations and understanding of the financial landscape.
  • Website & Social Links: Includes links to professional social media profiles, which can offer additional insights into the advisor's professional background and network.

About the Advisor

  • Personal Introduction: The advisor shares a brief personal bio, giving you insight into who they are and theior approach to advising.
  • Video or Media: If present, multimedia elements can offer a more personal touch and allow the advisor to explain their services in their own words.

Quick Facts

  • Years of Experience: Key facts such as years of experience and membership duration with AdvisorFinder provide a snapshot of the advisor's background.

Services Provided

  • List of Services: Clearly outlines the financial services the advisor offers, helping you to quickly determine if they match your needs.

Specialties and Expertise

  • Areas of Expertise: Bullet points highlight the advisor's specific areas of expertise, such as retirement income planning or tax minimization, so you can align their strengths with your financial goals.


  • Typical Clients: Identifies the groups or demographics the advisor commonly works with, such as tech employees or retirees, which can be crucial if you're looking for someone who understands your particular circumstances.

Credentials and Designations

  • Certifications: Lists professional certifications and designations, indicating the advisor's formal qualifications and areas of specialized knowledge.

Pricing Models

  • Fee Structure: Displays how the advisor charges for their services, whether it's a flat fee, hourly rate, or other pricing models.

Proof of License

  • Verification: Links to professional regulatory bodies, like BrokerCheck or SEC profiles, offer a way to verify the advisor's credentials and regulatory standing.


  • Academic Background: Details the advisor's higher education, including degrees and institutions attended, which can reflect their foundational knowledge in finance.

Job History

  • Professional Experience: Outlines past and current positions, providing context on the advisor's career progression and practical experience.


  • Platform and Advisor Disclosures: Includes important disclaimers about the advisor's relationship with AdvisorFinder and general legal notices regarding the nature of investment and insurance products.

By taking the time to carefully review each of these sections, you can make an informed decision about whether an advisor's qualifications, experience, and approach align with your financial needs and preferences. Remember, this profile is a starting point for your due diligence—a springboard for further conversation and verification before entering into a professional relationship.


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In order to properly illustrate how to use AdvisorFinder, this article/guide uses examples that are fictitious and do not apply to any real world individuals.