Early Days of AdvisorFinder - #FounderStory

August 16, 2022
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Founder and CEO of AdvisorFinder

Jason Friedman

jason friedman and his girlfriend micayla in black tie attire, attending a family wedding in 2021.
Jason Friedman, and his girlfriend Micayla attending a wedding in 2021.

Jason spent his career as a financial advisor before launching AdvisorFinder in June 2022. Jason worked with some of the top financial firms:

  • Wells Fargo Advisors in Nashville, TN
  • Merrill Lynch Private Wealth Management in Virginia Beach, VA

During his career as a financial advisor, Jason spoke with hundreds of prospective clients, and he noticed a theme in these conversations: many people struggle to find a financial advisor. Finding a trusted financial professional is stressful and confusing. People are left to make this critical life decision with minimal resources or information to help them. Clients simply lack the essential information to ask the right questions and know which advisor is best for them. This often causes a disconnect between clients and their advisor, especially if it’s your first time searching for a financial advisor.

Jason picked up on patterns across his conversations with clients. He became increasingly perplexed by the absence of technology that allows people to search for FAs. Nowadays, we can research anything and everything online — why not financial advisors? Jason could not ignore that question, so much so that he decided to leave his position as a financial advisor to launch AdvisorFinder. Jason quickly began assembling a strong and capable team of co-founders, who are a mix of visionaries and technical experts. Starting in late June, our team set out on a journey to build AdvisorFinder: a better experience for people to discover & research financial advisors. 

A Quote from Jason

“My clients told me that they didn’t know where to go or who to ask for advice, or even how to choose a financial professional. The fact is, we have more information to help us pick a restaurant or a flight, than we do to help us choose the right financial advisor, accountant, or estate attorney for us. That’s wrong. People don’t have the resources that make navigating the financial industry easier.” - Jason Friedman

Our mission at AdvisorFinder is to help people make more informed financial decisions, which begins with choosing who they trust to manage their money. Thanks to all of our supporters over the last few months! 

Follow @jasonfrieds on twitter here where he tweets about his passions:
  • consumer finance
  • digital marketing
  • wealth management
  • entrepreneurship

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